Https SoapUI mock service standalone

This post will try to show you how you can create secure SOAP service. We need to have few things before start:

  1. SoapUI - Download
  2. Your certificate - How to create it
  3. WSDL - Simple WSDL example
Start your SoapUI and create new soapUI project lik this:

Click OK to all questions. Your workspace now contains 'test-project' soapUI project under which you can find 'exampleSOAP' interface and 'exampleSOAP MockService'.

Start mock service by righ-click on 'exampleSOAP MockService' and select 'Start minimized'. If you have clean workspace without any changes in Preferences in SoapUI, mock service should listen on:


You can also open WSDL file in you browser by following URL:


Next we can test your mock service by some request. Open 'Request1' under 'exampleSOAP/NewOperation':

You can see message '-no endpoint set-' or something like 'http://www.example.org/' in list box above request body. We need to add URL of our mock service to this list. Right-click on 'exampleSOAP MockService' and select 'Add Endpoint to Interface'.

Select new URL of our mock service in list box in request1 window.

Here is output:

We have running mock service and we can test it by SoapUI now. Save our project and open Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+P). Here we need to configure SSL for our mock service:

SSL port is different from port of your mock service (SSL = 18088, Service = 8088). Save preferences (File > Save preferences) and restart whole SoapUI. It has some issue with loading of certificates if you do not restart.

Start mock service againt.

Change endpoint protocol from https to http in URL and port from 8088 to 18088. Test you mock service. Is it working?

If you need to start you mock service without GUI, you can do it. Go to bin directory and try follow command:

mockservicerunner.bat -m "exampleSOAP MockService" test-project-soapui-project.xml

Argument -m contains name of the MockService and xml file is your project file. More info about arguments can find here.
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