WildFly cartridge uses too many processes

If you need some application server for testing your small project, Openshift is good choice. You can use many cartridges like JBOSS AS, JBOSS WildFly, Tomcat,..

But if you do not want to pay, you can have only three small appliations. Biggest problem with these small free applications is that it has some restrictions. One restriction which can cause many problems, is MAX USER PROCESSES. It is set to 250 currently.

This can cause this Exception:
OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

Stop application [gear stop]
Remove unnecessary modules from standalone.xml file. I removed these modules:
clustering, jdr, jarorb, messaging

Key point is to replace this file int following directories:

Do not know which directory is correct one but if you replace it in all, it will be ok.
To be sure you can remove standalone_xml_history directory in /wildfly/standalone/configuration
Start application [gear start]
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